Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kool-Aid Drinking has Reached Global Efficacy

Justine Roberts just forwarded an article from yesterday's Christian Science Monitor: Museums' New Mantra: Connect with Community.

We are thrilled for the museum community, our clients and of course, ourselves that the idea of museums as community centers continues to get out to an increasingly broader audience (though I was surprised by the omission of Nina Simon from the article-- her work was cited however, if not name).

The trajectory of museums has not been one of a lack of community engagement or reflection, it's just that it takes a while for institutions to catch up to societal changes such as 2.0. I believe that museums in the 19th and 20th centuries did a fabulous job of educating and sharing to the best of their abilities and in the context of their time. This article is evidence of more of the same on their behalf.

As I've said before, my personal wish is that museums can retain their voice (which is a very well-informed one) while providing room for the creations, perspectives, and voices of the public to foster greater understanding and surprise for both.

It is this informed and gently shaped "collaboration" that is the key to serving the public. So drink up, people, and have fun.


Terry said...

Great article, and a great time to be part of this groundswell!

Maria Mortati said...

I know, it really is. The skids are greased.