Monday, July 20, 2009

Key Questions

I came across an article in the Jamiacan Gleaner called "Changing People's Lives" about the new head of Anthropology at the Horniman Museum & Gardens in London. His name is Wayne Modest, and he's from Jamaica, and yes, he has dreadlocks. Interesting, eh?

For me the intriguing point was the moment in his [impressive] career where the quote comes from.

Wayne was studying conservation methods abroad. He noticed they were not suitable for the Caribbean environment. At the same time, a mentor asked him the above question– the real news are the conservation standards he helped put in place in his home country.

It got me to thinking about what are other key insights that are supported by mentors, family, or simple incidents that help breakthroughs happen?

Do you have such a moment or a person in your past or present? Have you been a mentor?? Museums are about shared knowledge, so I imagine there may be interesting stories out there. I'd love to hear yours.


Kate said...

My very British, very grumpy Ornithology professor pulled me aside one day, looked me in the eyes, and said (in a very Hamlet-esque fashion), "Museums are the thing."

Later, he and I had conversations about discipline integration, interpretation, etc., but it was that one sentence that stuck with me. I think he knew what I wanted to do before I did.

Maria Mortati said...

My boss at my first design job made me promise to never go into architecture.