Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tattoo Story

Leah Douvris, Virginia Cafe, Maria MortatiI commented on our waitresses tattoos recently. I thought they were beautiful. Instead of just saying "thanks", and refilling my coffee, she filled me in.

They were primarily floral (the ones we could see), and were flowers that reminded her of her mom who passed away when she was young. Her mom loved them. "Gladiolas for remembrance, poppies for anticipation of the last day", and so on. I'll always remember she has a lion supporting a bull on her back even though I never saw it, because it's her mom's sign and hers.

This experience reinforced the idea I've written about before. If you can provide an emotional hook, you'll create a cognitive "stickiness" for your ideas.

I'll remember that this woman loved her mom, and reflected it on her body. Won't you?

Many thanks to Leah Douvris, at the Virginia Cafe.


Bodhibadger said...

MUCH more practical than using a tattoo to immortalize a spouse or significant other. Your mom is your mom forever. This one is quite a bit more elaborate than the traditional sailors' tattoo of "Mother", but very classy

Paul Orselli said...

Nice post Maria.

It always comes back to the story, doesn't it?

Maria Mortati said...

Badger- yes, definitely more practical, but I bet not many will read it that way! Paul, I so agree with you. I tend to go off on what a great exhibit I could build/make/dream... but often forget the hook when I'm in the midst of a major geek out. This helped me remember.

Valerie Albanese said...

Reminds me of Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point in terms of the "stickiness" factor or "emotional velcro" as I've also heard. Great story to inspire us to continue to apply "outside" museum experiences to the endless possibilities and thoughts of how we create experiences "in" museums that are memorable and meaningful for our visitors.