Monday, March 8, 2010

Tempe History Museum Opening: part II

By Ron Davis, Principal, LEED AP
With all museum projects there are challenges, and with this project, a tight budget. It is to the team’s great credit that so much was accomplished; by ingenuity, necessity and fortunate timing– to have been funded by the city during booming times, and then building the project during a down economy.

But the biggest factor was the cooperation, collaboration and sense of common purpose of all those involved: Architect Phil Weddle and his team, General Contractor Brignall Construction, Exhibit fabricators Motif (now Icon) and the many specialists in their employ, the City of Tempe and most of all to the museum staff. They were responsible for the vision, thematic development, research and many aspects of the installation, in addition to de-mounting the old exhibits and artifacts.

In this profession, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the years (literally) of planning, discussion, cost cutting decisions, design, fabrication and installation culminate in a large crowd watching the ceremonial ribbon-cutting then entering the museum for the first time– filling up the exhibit hall to capacity!

Image: Gyroscope Inc.

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