Monday, November 30, 2009

My Christmas Wish List

by Scott Mouton, LEED AP

Lyn Wood the president of  Hands On! contacted us here at Gyroscope to be a part of an article on the complexities of green design. I am hoping that this  conversation grows and that through it we can better understand the role, responsibilities and opportunities we have as designers.  

Over the course of our talk I realized that what was emerging for me was a wish list of of tools for communicating with with clients and visitors on the subject. So in the spirit of my son's Christmas wish list, this is what I'd like:
  • An easy way to describe what criteria is being using to make design decisions (There are so many flavors of green and we don't know how to describe them)
  • A way to frame our work as doing good rather than doing less bad.
  • A way to quantify the impact of some of our decisions.
  • A way for clients and visitors to understand the complexity but still be able to hold onto something as simple as "Green Design".
Over the next few weeks I'll be working through my thoughts on this. I would love to hear your ideas on what you think would help this conversation on "Green Design".

Image courtesy Library of Congresss, via Flickr.

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