Monday, February 9, 2009

Pick up the keyboard instead...

museums, advocacy, AAM, maria mortati Just a follow-up to my last posting about the Colburn Amendment-- a sneaky amendment designed to get folks upset about pork barreling hot tubs and golf courses with museums sandwiched in between. Sadly, it passed. 73-24. Pretty smooth move on Colburn's part. But there is still hope, and time for you to do something!!
"Differences between the House and Senate versions of the economic stimulus legislation will have to be resolved in a House-Senate conference committee before the bill is submitted to the President." - From the AAM
If you work in a museum, you can write a letter or call your senator and let them know how you feel. Ford Bell at the AAM is asking museums to fill out an Economic Impact Statement and send it to congress. Fill one out and send it today- let's not let this move make it to the president's desk.

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