Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Test of Time

Ron Davis, Principal

It was with both excitement and quite honestly some trepidation that I attended the ASTC 2010 conference hosted by the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii. My trepidation stemmed from the fact that Gyroscope had worked with the Bishop Museum as consultants to help lead the creation of the Bishop’s Science Adventure Center from 2001 until the opening in late 2005, from strategic planning, all design phases from concept to final design documents, through installation and opening day. I was the Lead Designer for the project –nearly five years of inspiration, perspiration and a lot of collaboration. 

Now, almost five years had passed and our peers in the industry were coming to have a look.

It isn't enough to have a great exhibit on opening day - it's the test of time that counts. A great exhibit has to live, breathe, and grow, as this one has. The museum has added several new elements and made improvements to others, while keeping the core experiences–like the erupting volcano, lava-melting furnace and deep water ROV tank- in top condition.

It is with great pride in the original vision for this project, and in our relationship with the Bishop Museum staff, that I can say that it looks fantastic! The Science Adventure Center was sparkling for the audience of museum professionals who came by this past weekend and it is sparkling for all the visitors who will visit the Science Adventure Center in the weeks and years to come.

Congratulations, Bishop Museum!

Here are some images from the conference.  More can be found on our website including some from the opening!
View from the entry ramp. You can see the mezzanine and the large volcano farther back.

This is taken past the front desk.  On the wall the panels showcase the materials that have shaped the island including types of stone and the wind itself.

Ripple Islands interactive.

From the balcony visitors control the volcanic eruptions.

Inside the volcano the exhibit introduces visitors to how they work. These cool snails were added by staff after opening.

Looking down into the Ripple tank.  Visitors can drive ROVs in the deep tank. There is a passage below which is washed with the play of light and shadow from the moving water in the skylight.

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