Tuesday, June 8, 2010

April Rides for "Equity in Education"

We're not late, we're talking about our very own April Banks, designer extraordinaire, who is also an artistLast Friday, she left on an bike trek across the US with school teacher Kelly Clark for We Ride, a campaign to bring awareness to Public Education in America.

Why you ask? According to Kelly:
"This ride is about sharing the message of public schools being the backbone in every sector of any industry. Public schools educate the majority of us. Public schools should educate us well. Public schools are essentially the last remaining platform where all citizens have the right to attend/participate without any direct ‘out of pocket’ expense. Public schools are our opportunities to create healthy, productive, safe, and fair communities. Public schools are our chance to help children, families, and communities build a happier world."
If you would like to support their work, you can make direct donations or buy cool tee shirts at: http://www.weride3000.com/

Go April!


Terry said...

Hey, Maria, are they tweeting or anything during their ride? I'd love to follow along!

Maria Mortati said...

Yes! They have a blog at WeRide300 and they are on FB:


Also, April is taking pictures for the SF Mobile Museum's new Shrine project and I *just* posted the first one this morning: