Monday, October 27, 2008

Museums + LEED at ASTC

maria mortati, gyroscope inc, museums While I wasn't able to attend the "green" sessions at ASTC, I did take a snap shot of the notes posted on the "Graffiti Wall", and have transposed them below. It was a little hard to decipher some of the handwriting, so let me know if I missed something. "MOSI in Tampa is:
  • Designing and building an Energy Center
  • Exhibits will be3 on Historical-Current-Future discoveries, uses, relative costs in dollars and environmental costs
  • Demonstration Power Plants using alternative renewable sources
  1. Solar photovoltaic (13,000 sq. ft. 440kv)
  2. Solar thermal (400 sq. ft. 440kv)
  3. Methane from landfill demo house
  4. Hydrogen Fuel Cell demo
  5. Yard waste wood "gassification"
  • CO2 + H2O recapture
  • Algae/Tilapia production
  • Carbon Negative"
Under the suggestions for ASTC, but not cited:
  1. Use pitchers/insulated coolers for all milk products, no more cups
  2. Only real plates and flatware- no more plastic
  3. Institute a "Members Area" and "Educators Area" where they can log in to check for newsletters vs. mailing them out
  4. Use Razors Edge for email blasts
Another un-cited (but laudable) quote:
"Developed a green exhibit certification process like the LEED certification for buildilngs and we are applying it to our exhibit design and fabrication."
...and of course Museums Now posts on LEED and Museums on Fridays.

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